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Our Dear Esteemed Readers,

We at The Nigerian Expression offer ourselves to you today and henceforth as a child of necessity, armed with the Truth.

In a saturated world of social and conventional media, what must constantly be nurtured and upheld is the compelling desire to tell the truth, and that is the compelling reason behind this publication.

The social media and the conventional ones aim for an orderly, peaceful, elegant and prosperous society only if used positively.

After all, and depending on who handles the knife – the surgeon or the robber – it can be used to save or to destroy lives.

We are socially and constitutionally bound to offer constructive and objective presentations to you, devoid of any forms of embellishment.

We shall express and deal with facts or conditions as presented without distortion by personal or vested feelings.

True journalism survives on reality in action, character and sincerity. Our mission is to provide clear-cut navigators for a true conscience where the society is purged of acrimony or suspicion. Ours is to contribute to building a positive, dynamic association and creating a level-playing field where everybody has a say for a honest path, to give life a purpose.

We shall remain positive in all genres of reporting as we owe allegiance to no political parties, religious associations or other interest groups but to the survival and orderliness of Nigeria, our great nation.
You are sincerely welcome to our site.

Warmest Regards,

Buki Ponle

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