Court dissolves 6-year-old marriage for lack of care

Abuja, March 16, 2017 (TNE): A Lugbe Customary Court, Abuja, on Thursday dissolved the six-year-old marriage between Achinya Emmanuel, and his wife, Esther, for lack of care.

The President of the Court, Mrs Esther Omavuezi, dissolved the marriage as all efforts to reconcile the parties failed.

Omavuezi held that it was obvious that there was no longer love in the union and that the two should go their separate ways.

“The customary law marriage between the parties under Benin Native Law and Customs of Edo is hereby dissolved.

“You have ceased to be husband and wife henceforth; I put an end to the union between both of you from today in the interest of peace,” she said.

The judge ordered Emmanuel to vacate Esther’s house and release her property in his possession.
She also awarded N20,000 cost against Emmanuel.

The judge also ordered the petitioner to refund the dowry of N150 to the respondent or pay same into the court’s registry.

“Both parties are to maintain peace all the time, any violation of the order of this court will amount to contempt, with grave consequences,” she held.

Esther had sought the divorce on grounds that her husband was irresponsible and uncaring.

She told the court that the marriage contracted six years ago was not blessed with children, and that her husband had failed in his matrimonial obligations.

“He could not provide the three basic things of life for me- no shelter, no food, could not clothe me and could not pay any bill.

“Please separate us, I am no more interested in the marriage; I do not love him, he disgusts me,” she said.
However, Emmanuel denied all the allegations, saying he still loves his wife and would want more time to settle with her.

“I love my wife, I am not ready to lose her. She does not have any property under me.

“It is just that she does not respect me, and always quarrels with me. Please give me more time to resolve the issues with her,” he pleaded. (TNE)

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