Chinese police arrested 168,000 suspects for drug-related cases in 2016

Beijing, March 22, 2017 (TNE): Chinese Police arrested 168,000 suspects for drug production or trafficking and solved 140,000 drug-related criminal cases in 2016, the National Narcotics Control Commission said on Wednesday.

Police seized 82.1 tonnes of drugs, including heroin, methamphetamines and ketamine in 2016, the commission said in a report, adding that the spread of drug-related crimes had been effectively contained.

The commission said 725 officials were held accountable for inadequate drug control efforts, as China stepped up its anti-drug message by educating more than 100 million students on the dangers of drugs.

China is home to more than one million drug addicts, with 357,000 people successfully treated for addiction in 2016, according to the commission.

In addition, China also collaborated with a number of countries to strengthen drug control cooperation.

Efforts were also made to enhance law enforcement cooperation and share intelligence with the United StatesRussia and the Philippines. (TNE)

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