Meningitis kills additional 2 in Sokoto State, death toll now 23

Dange (Sokoto State), March 27, 2017( TNE): The death toll as a result of the meningitis epidemic in Sokoto State has now risen to 23, as against 21 killed as at the weekend, according to Commissioner for Health Balarabe Kakale.

Dr Kakale confirmed the meningitis-related deaths on Monday in Dange town, headquarters of Dange/Shuni Local Government Area of the state, in continuation of the ongoing sensitisation campaign across the state.

Kakale said, however, that the state is on the high alert following the ravage in the seven worst hit local governments areas  of Kebbe, Bodinga, Rabah, Wamakko, Gada, Dange/Shuni and Tureta.

He  said: ”the state government had since on March 20, deployed no fewer than 15 medical teams, comprising more than 150 medical personnel.

”They were deployed across the 23 local governments of the state, fully equipped with ambulances and provided with  drugs, as well as medicament.

”The emergency response teams are conducting house-to-house cases search, definition and management, both at home and the hospitals.

”They have so far treated no fewer than 400 mixed cases of severe malaria and meningitis across the seven top-hit local governments.

”Out of the 400 cases, 56 were confirmed in the laboratories to be cases of meningitis, out of which additional fatalities were recorded.

Kakale further noted that thousands of other cases being were treated at the Primary Health Centres.

The commissioner further explained that the state government was contemplating closing some public and private schools, if the problem persisted.

”We are hereby again intimating the people of the state that the cases of meningitis should not be linked to witchcraft or sorcery.

”Rather, all suspected cases should be reported to the hospitals as the state government has stocked adequate drugs and medicament for the free treatment of the patients.”

Also speaking, the Chairman of Dange/Shuni local government, Alhaji Mode Dan-Tasallah, commended the sate government for its swift response in tackling the epidemic.

”In our own case, we have also purchased additional drugs as well as deployed more health personnel and logistics, to complement the efforts of the state government,” he added.

Meningitis, an acute inflammation of the protective membrane covering the brain and spinal cord known collectively as meninges presents common symptoms of fever, headache and neck stiffness. Other symptoms include confusion or altered consciousness, vomiting and inability to tolerate light or loud noises. (TNE)
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