UNICEF trains health workers on how to halt malnutriton in North East

Maiduguri, March 28, 2017(TNE) : UNICEF on Tuesday began a workshop for health workers on strategies to prevent an estimated 450,000 children from being malnourished in the aftermath of Boko Haram insurgency in the North East Nigeria.

UNICEF Nutrition Specialist, Mr Walton Beckley, said at the workshop for the 24 health workers, that they would in turn teach mothers and caregivers in the camps on how to feed their children properly with the little resources at their disposal.

“We have 24 health workers drawn from Muna, Dalori and Bakasi IDP camps currently at the workshop.

”We are aware that getting access to resources is a big challenge in the North East at the moment, and that is why we would ensure that mothers are taught  how they can make the best use of food materials at their disposal.

“This starts from breast feeding, and we are all aware that the crisis in the North East is that of malnutrition.

”Based on available data, UNICEF is targeting about 450,000 children who may get malnourished if our intervention is not robust enough,” Beckley noted.(TNE)

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