Rivers APC celebrates Buhari’s return with solidarity rally

Port Harcourt, Aug. 30, 2017 (TNE) : Amidst downpour, the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers, Coalition of Civil Societies and Community Based Organisations, on Wednesday, celebrated with a solidarity rally, President Muhammadu Buhari’s safe return from medical vacation, with a solidarity rally.

Chief Davies Ikanya, Chairman of APC in Rivers told newsmen after the rally in Port Harcourt that the political party is happy with Buhari’s safe return.

Ikanya said that the party was thankful to God for bringing the President back and healthy for Nigerians.

He said that God had disappointed and shamed the people who did not wish the President well.

“Nigerians voted for Buhari to recover the nation’s economy, fight corruption to a standstill and fix insecurity but few individuals who want to pocket Nigeria are not happy.

“When the corrupt Nigerians saw that Buhari is serious with the fight against corruption and their loot being exposed, they started praying for him to fall sick.

“When he took ill and travelled for medical attention, they wished that he would never come back home but God shamed them and brought Buhari back hale and hearty,” he said.

The APC chairman claimed that the Rivers Government was operating without a budget for the past two years because the people in authority thought President Buhari would not return.

“Rivers government officials thought Buhari will die and nobody will know their corrupt act but thank God, he is alive,” he said.

Ikanya commended the members of the party for coming out to celebrate the President’s return despite the downpour.

“Thank you for celebrating the return of Nigeria`s man of integrity that has made the world to listen to our country.

“A President we are proud of, and pray that God shall continue to keep him for Nigerians,” he said.

Dr Sam-Sam Jaja, a member of APC Board of Trustees, said that Buhari got ill as a result of the fight against corruption.

Jaja said that the president’s return was a victory for light of over darkness because God had put the enemies of Nigeria to shame.

He said Rivers people and other Nigerians were rejoicing for the safe return and in good health of Buhari. (TNE)

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