Bauchi Govt. to establish blood banks in 27 hospitals

Bauchi, Sept. 2, 2017 (TNE) : The Bauchi State Government is to establish blood banks in all its 27 General Hospitals, the Executive Chairman, Bauchi State Hospitals Management Boards, Dr Abdul’Aziz Manga, said in Bauchi on Saturday.

Manga said that the decision is to reduce the death of mothers and newborns resulting from lack of blood in hospitals, as well as to give others in critical needs.

“You know that the importance of blood banks, especially in saving lives of pregnant women and newborns cannot be over-emphasised.

“We have strategised to establish functional blood banks in all the General Hospitals in Bauchi State, including some of the health facilities at the primary health care level.

“I can assure you that in the next two or three months, the 27 General Hospitals in the state will have functional and standardised blood banks,” he said.

He stated that only seven of these hospitals currently have blood banks, while those running drugs revolving scheme would be asked to set aside part of the proceeds to establish blood banks.

“We have submitted a memo to the governor on the possibility of establishing solar propelled inverters in each of the hospitals to have a constant electricity supply,” he said.

Manga denied insinuations in some quarters that blood donated by individuals is being used for cult activities, adding that such blood is being preserved to save lives.

The chairman said that the board would evolve a way whereby relations of beneficiaries of donated blood would be encouraged to ensure the hospitals maintain steady supplies. (TNE)

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