Don’t be intimidated by established stars, Jay-Tee tells upcoming artistes

Abuja, Oct. 7, 2017 (TNE) An upcoming artiste, Jude Efekorotu, also known as Jay-Tee, has advised his colleagues not to be intimidated by the success of other highly-rated stars in the country.

Giving the advice in Abuja on Saturday, Jay-Tee, who recently signed for Sound Factory Entertainment (SFE), said many upcoming artistes always feel intimidated by the success of established stars in the industry.

“I want to tell my fellow upcoming artistes not to be intimidated. Do what you want to do, keep doing your music. Someone may like it and offer you a contract. Creativity can never be exhausted, the more you keep doing your act, the more creative you become. Never give in and never give up because success is sure,” said the Abuja-based artiste.

He said that he been engaged in music for over two years and had a song, ‘Bad Girl,’ before the Chief Executive Officer of SFE, Mr Kayode Olumoko, discovered him.

According to him, his recently-premiered hit single, “Chanter,” in Abuja marked the beginning of his musical career.


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