Fibroid rare contributor to infertility – Gynaecologist

Abuja, Oct. 18, 2017(TNE) Dr Chinedu Agunna, an Abuja based Gynaecologist, says that fibroid does not contribute to infertility in women, unless it is located in the womb.

“There are various kinds of fibroids; we have fibroids outside the womb, on the walls of the womb and the ones right inside the womb,” he said in Abuja on Wednesday.

“For fibroid to be a concern, it has to be the one inside the womb.

“The size of the fibroid is also an important factor to look into because some are so little they are called fibroid noodles.

“Fibroid noodles are tiny ones that cannot stop a woman from delivering her baby safely,’’ he said.

The gynaecologist said that a woman could only be at risk carrying the baby safely inside the womb, when the fibroid inside the womb is so big.

He said that fibroid is more of a genetic defect, which could be treated.

Agunna, therefore, advised women of child bearing age to embrace routine health checks to detect fibroids and complications that could lead to infertility.


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