Family of 4 die in fire in Lagos

Lagos, Dec. 6, 2017 (TNE) An overnight fire has killed a family of four in the Eze family at No. 13, Buraimoh street, Bariga, Lagos, according to the Director of the State Fire Service, Mr Rasak Fadipe.

Fadipe said on Wednesday that the incident occurred after 2 a.m.

He said personnel of the service got to the scene of the incident as soon as they received information about the fire, but that due to the double burglary irons on the door and window of the apartment, they were unable to reach the victims on time.

“The apartment is a chemist store. The father, mother, and two children of ages five and eight were found dead inside the store.

“We advise that although one needs security in his or her house or business place, it should not be to people’s detriment.

“Members of the family should always know the exit of their apartment whenever there is an emergency,” the director said.

Sources, however, claimed that the deceased woman was pregnant.


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