Only 1 factory produces egg powder owing to huge cost – PAN

Lagos, Dec. 6, 2017 (TNE) Only one factory is into egg powder production in Nigeria because of the huge capital involved, the President of the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), Dr Ayoola Oduntan, said on Wednesday,

Oduntan made the assertion in Lagos, saying that he noted that egg powder is fully dehydrated and required spray-drying.

“It is made using spray-drying in the same way that powder milk is made,’’ he said.

Oduntan said that the inability of more companies to go into the production accounts for the massive importation of egg powder into the country.

‘’It takes a lot of eggs, consistency and stable electricity to make egg powder.’’

According to the association president, production of egg powder requires a sophisticated factory to ensure that the powder will be free of antibiotic residuals and bacteria.

Oduntan said that the demand for egg powder is outweighing its supply, thereby compelling continued importation.

Nigeria imports more than US$ 5 million worth of egg powder yearly.

The product is in high demand in food processing and beverage industries.


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