Nigerians, Azerbaijanis forge closer partnership

Lagos, Dec. 27, 2017 (TNE) Mrs Billura Bernard, the President of Friends of Azerbaijan Organisation in Nigeria, on Wednesday said that the newly-inaugurated organisation will promote friendship and cultural exchanges between Nigerians and Azerbaijanis.

Bernard said in Lagos that the organisation, recently inaugurated in Lagos, will also be a platform for promoting Azerbaijani culture to Nigerians and non-Azerbaijanis globally.

“We are happy to announce that we just recently inaugurated the Friends of Azerbaijan Organisation in Nigeria. It is a non- profit and non-political organisation for bringing Nigerians and Azerbaijanis together.

“This organisation is meant to create a platform for the advancement of Azerbaijani culture with other countries. And, it is meant to begin to promote cultural relations between our two countries.

“We are also going to be using this organisation for harnessing, showcasing and promoting exchanges between young Nigerians and Azerbaijan’s talented artists,’’ she said.

Bernard, who noted the current “inadequate relationship’’ between Nigerians and Azerbaijanis, expressed optimism that the organisation will stir mutually beneficial relations between the two countries.

The president also said that the organisation will enhance a free flow of information between Nigerians and Azerbaijanis, who had always wanted to be friends or become business partners.

She added that the organisation is in a position to exhibit Nigeria’s rich culture and cuisine to Azerbaijanis, as well as those of her country to Nigerians.

The president said that already, many Nigerians, who had tasted Azerbaijani food, and the exhibition of her cultural displays in Lagos, are eager for more exchanges between both countries.

She also said that there is currently a growing interest of Azerbaijanis, especially the young artists, to visit Nigeria, to meet and perform on stage with their Nigerian counterparts.

Bernard, who noted that there are currently few Azerbaijanis in Nigeria, expressed optimism that the organisation will create the right platform for more relationships between the two countries.

The president, who disclosed her plan to organise a visit of Nigerians to Azerbaijan early in 2018, also said that both countries havqe trade and economic opportunities to exploit.

Azerbaijan is one of the republics in the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). It has diplomatic relations with Nigeria.


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