Film against FGM ‘Alero’ screens in Abuja

Abuja, Feb. 7, 2018 (TNE) ‘Alero’, a film that frowns at Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), held a private screening at Genesis Cinemas, Abuja, on Tuesday to an emotional audience.

It tells the story of a young girl who was circumcised by her parents as part of the customs of their village, shedding light on the physical and psychological effects she had to endure.

The film is collaboration between Dorothy Njemanze Foundation, an NGO that sensitises the public to how to deal with all forms of abuse, and FilmCorp Advocacy Films.

‘Alero’ was written and directed by Lummie Edevbie and stars Ada Ameh, Dorothy Njemanze, AIK Odiase, Efosa Ebeye and Joy Otaro as the titular character.

The Executive Producer of the film, Dorothy Njemanze said that the film is part of plans to commemorate the International Day for Zero Tolerance for FGM.

Njemanze said that the essence of the film is to use visual means, especially motion pictures, to showcase the dangers involved in practicing FGM, in order to elicit the right responses.

She added that the film is aimed at shedding light on the wrong misconception that FGM only takes place in rural areas.

“FGM takes place rampantly in urban areas, contrary to popular opinion, as people call these ‘surgeons’ from the villages to the cities and towns to circumcise their girls.’’

She said that the film was made in line with international standards with the help of FilmCorp Advocacy Films, and could be viewed on international movie sharing platforms such as Netflix.

The lead actress Joy Otaro, who played ‘Alero’, said that acting in the movie opened her eyes to the realities of FGM and pushed her to fully understand the horrors women who were cut faced.

Otaro urged young people to be actively involved in the campaign against FGM till the menace is fully eradicated from the cultural system.

The screening also featured a panel discussion on the history of FGM, its scope and health implications.

The panel comprised Dr Eleanor Nwadinobi, a medical consultant, Mr Bem Alugh, and Mr Edosa Oviawe, an employee of IPas.

A member of the audience, Jane Maduka, praised the cast and crew for the innovative film, especially its ability to pass the message and evoke lots of emotions from the audience.

She expressed the hope that initiatives such as the film will enable the younger generation see the need to rise together to fight FGM.

Copies of the Simplified Version of The Violence against Persons (Prohibition) Act were also distributed to the audience.


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