Group worries over rising reports of violence against men

Abuja, Feb 14, 2018 (TNE) Girls and Youth Re-integration Network (GYRIN), an NGO, has expressed concern over rising cases of domestic violence against men in the country.

Miss Kehinde Awojola, Founder of the NGO, said on Wednesday in Abuja that GYRIN received alarming reports from men after it launched its campaign on “No To Violence Against Men”.

Awojola said that scores of married men have since besieged her office on a daily basis to share unpleasant experiences being meted to them by their wives.

According to her, she received numerous calls from men seeking to know how they will react to the way their wives have been maltreating and taking up violence against them in their homes.

Awojola said the number of calls from men were unimaginable following the awareness created at the Federal High Court, Jabi, in Abuja, where Maryam Sanda, the alleged killer of Bilyaminu Bello, was arraigned,

Awojola and her team led a protest at the FCT High court, Jabi, in December where the trial of Sanda took place.

The GYRIN carried placards with inscriptions: “Say No to Violence Against Men” and “I endorse no to violence against men”, among others.

The founder of the group said it is obvious that a lot of men are experiencing domestic violence, adding that most of them decide to keep quiet because they do not know the way out.

She said it is becoming imperative for wives to learn how to tolerate their husbands.

According to her, men are naturally polygamous in nature and they should be tolerated.

She noted that a lot have been heard about violence against women, leading to overwhelming support to arrest such ugly trend, but the men seem to be defenceless as no one is willing to help them.

“Most of the time, the advocacy has been for women while we assume males do not have any stake, but they have things they need to voice out,” Awojola said.


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