LASUTH partners with India-based hospital to establish kidney centre

Lagos, Feb. 14, 2018 (TNE) The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja, on Wednesday inaugurated a Renal (Kidney) Transplantation Centre that will carry out kidney transplants.

The Chief Medical Director (CMD), LASUTH, Prof. Adewale Oke, told newsmen that the programme is in collaboration with an India-based hospital, Apollo Hospital.

Oke said, however, that LASUTH had since 2015 started renal transplant and had conducted five transplants with its indigenous doctors carrying out the surgeries.

“We are partnering with Apollo Hospital in order to improve on what we have. Our arrangement is such that they will come, work with us, look at our patients, advise, and if necessary, we will be able to send some of our consultants and resident doctors to their hospital.

“This will enable the doctors work in the hospital’s (Apollo hospital) larger renal transplant centre and I think working with them is a bonus.

“We also want to create an opportunity to empower our doctors by improving their skills and there are two options. It is either we send our doctors there or bring the doctors here so that the skills can be transferred,’’ he said.

The CMD said that the aim of partnering with the India-based hospital is to reduce medical tourism in the state and the country at large.

Oke said: “The beauty of reducing medical tourism is to ensure patients are treated here in an environment they are conversant with and among their relations. I am not saying we are going to do everything here.

“Patients that are identified to have special issues who we may not be able to tackle here, we may now ask the government or if they can afford it, take them to Apollo Hospital to have their surgeries done.’’

He said that LASUTH will also be extending partnership with Apollo Hospital in other specialties, including Cardiovascular (heart) surgeries.

One of the visiting doctors, Dr Manoj Gumber, a Consultant Nephrologist at the Apollo Hospital, said that renal transplant is the best form of renal replacement therapy.

Gumber said: “The government should understand that it is costly to do a dialysis programme, but it is cost-effective to support a renal transplant programme.

“No doubt, initially, the cost of the facility, exchanging ideas, and travelling may seem higher, but looking at three years down the line, the cost of transplant is definitely going to be low.

“As far as longevity, quality of life and cost are concerned, renal transplant is the best renal replacement therapy.’’

The Chairman, Lagos State House of Assembly Committee on Health, Mr Olusegun Olulade, said the collaboration between LASUTH and Apollo Hospital will bring more development and enhance quality healthcare delivery in Nigeria.

“I appreciate both teams for this collaborative effort in order to exchange skills, knowledge and most importantly, save lives through this programme.

“This programme will bring hope to Nigeria, and lives of people suffering from renal challenges,’’ Olulade said.


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